Have Historians Found the Holy Grail?

Josiah Adams, Reporter

It it the cup which is believed that Christ drank from at the last supper.  From the Knights of the Round Table to modern conspiracy theorist;  the  legend of the Holy Grail has prompted the faithful to search for it.  Now, 2000 years after the grail was used, historians have released an explosive claim.  They believe that they have found the long searched for relic.  And it’s believed that it is located within another grail.

Margarita Torres, a medieval history lecturer at León University and Jose Ortiza del Rio have written a book detailing their years worth of research which has lead them to determine that the grail is located in the museum of the Catholic Basilica of San Isidoro in Spain.  They believe that the Goblet of Urraca, which  has been on display for over  a thousand years,  is the “only chalice which could be considered the chalice of Christ.”    They trace the chalice back to Israel, where it was taken by Muslims, and later given to Christians in Cairo.

Are the historians able to prove that Christ drank from this chalice? No.  Are they convinced that the Goblet of Urraca is the most likely candidate to be the Holy Grail? Yes.