New York, New York!


Mohala Kaholoa'a-Kumukoa, Reporter

New York  is the place to be. There is a lot of shopping, food, and everything that you need. It’s there! There are a lot of opportunities in New York City;  you can make your dreams come true. The first day that we went to  New York I was very excited. It was my first time being there. The places I went to were Times Square, the view of the city from the Empire State Building , the Twin Tower memorial, the Statue of Liberty, and  the Rockefeller Center. Although we only stayed there for two days, we wished we could  stay there longer. It’s a city that never sleeps! I could stay up all night looking at that city. There so much to do in New York and we could never get tired of it.

My favorite places to be in New York was the Empire State Building and the Twin Tower memorial. The Empire State Building goes up to around 86 floors high. The view up there is amazing and you can see the whole city. It’s like I was on top of the world. It’s the tallest building for now in New York City. My second place I liked was the Twin Tower memorial because it was so beautiful . They say they’re not going to build any building where the 9/11 attack had happened. The memorial stood in the actual footprints of where the towers were. They want to remember what happened at that time and show respect to the people that had died.