It’s Time For Registration!

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

This school year is sadly coming to an end very soon, which means registration for next year’s classes for the underclassmen is here! The first week back from spring break was next year’s seniors’ week to pick their classes. Upperclassmen get first priority in choosing the classes they want with next year’s juniors then sophomores to follow; which goes with the popular phrase “seniority.”

Next school year Kohala High is offering new classes, but it also means that there won’t be other classes offered. Along with new classes, there will be a welcome to new teachers and a farewell to a some teachers. Although we do know  the new classes that are being offered, we don’t know who the teachers will be just yet.

The new classes being offered are:

– Band I

– Environmental Science

– AP US History

– Hotel Hospitality

– Cross Training

– Calculus

– Argument/Debate

If one of the new classes that is offered doesn’t have enough students signed up, the class with be a “no-go.”

Kohala High does offer online classes as well, but majority of them are AP classes. There are a few that are aren’t AP classes, like language classes. Some of the popular online classes that students take are AP Environmental Science, AP US History, and Japanese.