The Boondocks Return!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Adult Swim has featured many televised series that stayed on air for awhile, even if they were only re-runs. Recently, Adult Swim has just publicly announced and released a trailer for a new season of one of their most popular shows, the Boondocks!

The Boondocks is a satire based animated series of two kids and their grandfather moving from Chicago to the suburbs of Woodcrest, Maryland. Throughout the series, the show mocks the actions of modern black culture and suburban culture that reacts to it.

The Boondocks was originally a comic strip created by Aaron McGruder. The comic was much more political than the show, revealing political views bluntly instead of the form of satire.

Recently, the show has been on hiatus, being inactive for 4 years since it’s 3rd season in 2010. The revise of the series has struck many fans in anticipation for the premiere, however not all fans are happy. The original director and creator of the comic, Aaron McGruder, will not be writing or directing for this season. Most fans are somewhat disapointed by this, however, some are excited by the new trailer release, showing a possible parody episode of Breaking bad and the return of the character, Stinkmeaner.

The season premiere will air April 28th, 2014, on Adult Swim.