Jeter’s Last MLB Season

Denae Rivera, Reporter

The well-known Major League Baseball team, “New York Yankees” will be soon loosing 36 year old Hall of Famer Short-stop Derek Jeter. Jeter has chosen to resign from the team after this year’s season is over. He believes it’s “his time to live the other half of his life.” (

Jeter’s outstanding major league career, which began in 1995, includes 5 World Series rings, 13 All-Star Game selections and the distinction of being the only one of the Yankees’ many greats to break the 3,000-hit barrier as a member of the team. (

He has been admired all of the world, both by fans who root for the Yankees and by those who desperately cheer against them, all of them still deeply respectful of the way Jeter has consistently played through minor injuries. He’s carried himself in a way that didn’t embarrass his team and came through in big moments more times than anyone could possibly remember.

Jeter is a certain Hall of Famer, a player who forever punched hits to right field, chased down pop-ups in left and made soaring pirouettes like a graceful ballerina from deep short to throw out runners at first base. But he’s also coming off the most disappointing season of his career, one in which he never really recovered from an ankle fracture in the 2012 American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers.

Through it all Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees will be greatly missed, and his legacy will more than certainly be carried on! Go Yankees!