Time to Prep for AP Testing

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Now that fourth quarter has rolled around, it’s time for AP students to prepare for their AP test! Through AP tests, students who take an AP course are given the opportunity to get a college credit depending on their scores. Scores range from one to five, five being the highest. To get a college credit, it depends on the college and their given standards. However, most scores of three and above obtain the credit. However, the test does come with a price! The given price is $89.00

This year at Kohala High there are both junior and senior students who will be taking at least one test, if not two. Students this year have taken up AP Environmental Science, AP Language and Composition, and AP United States History. The actual preparation of the test comes from the course from day one. The content within the class is all geared towards gaining knowledge that will be useful for the exam. Now that it’s crunch time, it’s a practice and review period for most classes. Mock exams have been given to provide the students with an idea of where they stand, what to expect, and how to improve. Now is the time to retain the things they have learned and to learn the skills they need to excel in their testing!