Students Being Over Tested?

Josiah Adams, Reporter

ACT, SAT, AP, STAR, ASVAB, HSA, Compass, the list goes on and on.  Tests have become a very important part of today’s society.  It isn’t an uncommon for employers to ask applicants for their high school test scores.  Meaning, the advancement in the career of a grown man who has been in the workforce for the past 10 years may very well depend on his performance on the SAT test score of his junior year.

Tests like the ACT and SAT are very important, but are students being over tested as it is?  So far this year, Juniors and Seniors have already taken the ACT, SAT, ASVAB and STAR.  That’s not all though.  Upperclassmen enrolled in AP classes will be required to complete an AP exam for each AP class in order to receive their AP credits.

For years, sophomores across the state have taken the HSA to determine where KHS stands academically.  Fortunately KHS has met the test standards through the efforts of students and teachers.  However, with the adoption of common core, the State of Hawaii has decided to do away with the HSA in exchange for the “Standard Balance Test.”  This test will be administered to Juniors in order to track academic progression.  The Class of 2015 will serve as the Pilot-test group.

By the end of the year, many upperclassmen will have taken the ACT, SAT, STAR, ASVAB, Standard Balance, and AP exams. 

“It all makes sense to take the SAT & ACT, but the STAR and Standard Balance tests are too much.  We have no real idea why we have to take the Standard Balance Test when we’ve already passed the HSA.”  Expressed a student who would like to remain anonymous.

 So, are students being over tested?