Local Eatery Closed Down

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Here in Kohala, there are only few eating places available to choose from, and now there is one less. J&R’s Place that was located in the Kapaʻau Town Center has recently closed down and brought sadness to those around Kohala. J&R’s served appetizing local foods fit for a hungry stomach. Not only was their food good, but the prices were too – considering that most eating places around Kohala don’t run cheap.

With the lānai that overlooked the road, J&R’s had a pristine location. Many students of Kohala High School would drop by after school, order some food, and enjoy the view with the company of their friends. Some students claim that J&R’s was their go-to eating place after school; now there is confusion on which place to go to.

Senior Chelsea Ventura says, “If something were to replace that space, I would want to see another fast food place there.” She and her friends were among one of the many groups that would go there after school. Both students and community members are sad to have seen J&R’s go, but anticipate what will come in the future. No ones knows what will come, yet.