School wide bonding a “sweet” success


Jenna Nickl, Editor-in-Chief

Another school wide bonding has come and gone, leaving its share of hilarious and very “sweet” memories. The 2011 Student Council Facilitators started off the day with an energizer and introduced the theme “Sweet Ingridients for Success” by dancing out to sugary songs based on their group names. The 6 group names were based off of the school year theme of Validate the Excellence, Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Community Service, etc. Versatile Vanilla Chocolate, Accountable Air Heads, Loving Life Savers, Intelligent Ice Cream, Dedicated Double Bubble Gum and Talented Taffy were the 6 group names in which each class was separated into during gym small group bonding. 

Another one of the activities during the day was the Validation Project. Classes split into two rooms and watched a short film on a man who performed random acts of kindness which made the world a better place. Each student then received a piece of paper with their names and passed it around the room. Every classmate had to write a kind thought or compliment on the person’s paper. The papers were returned to the original student later in the week and put smiles on everyone’s faces.

The field was bustling with activities as well with help from Ms. J. Brown, Ms. White, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Leitner, Ms. Nietfeld and junior David “Vita” Fangupo. Teamwork activities were no doubt fun and brought together classmates. Finishing off the festivities on the field was the annual big hill water slide which never fails to upset as kids wrestle their way down the slippery slope.

Overall, the school wide bonding succeeded in not only bringing classes together but having a great day off!

Check out more photos below from the fun-filled day: