Dress Code Issues Being Resolved


Andrew Trump, Assistant Editor

The 2011-2012 school year has started off with little conflict, with the major exception of dress code policy.  Students at Kohala High have been flirting with the line of what is inappropriate and what is not for the first three weeks of school. As someone looked down the hallways, it appeared obvious that dress code violations were going to be a big problem.

Through the first couple weeks most students were given warnings if their outfits were not explicitly vulgar, but still violated dress code. However there were still many referrals being given out and Dean of Students Mrs. Mauro was bogged done with kids in her office to give them detention. A couple sources have said that students were wearing clothing that they knew was a violation while keeping an extra set of clothes with them to change into once they were busted.  Some students would even go to the extent of changing in between classes because one teacher would not write them a referral, while the next might.

The teachers discussed at a meeting what was dress code and what was not because there was obviously some confusion. Dean of Students Mrs. Mauro made a slide show with pictures of some of the new styles to clarify what was unacceptable attire on campus.  Now the teachers are on the same page and this should result in a more consistent ruling for students.

Mrs. Mauro said, “Dress code violations have seemed to calm down, I think people may be getting the message.” The past couple of weeks the number of referrals for dress code has dropped dramatically, and students and administrators both hope to keep it this way.