Tennis BIIF Tournament

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Thursday, April 17, was the first day of the Big Island Interscholastic Federation (BIIF) tennis tournament at Holua in Kailua Kona. Kohala was represented by 8 girls and 9 boys. Two of Kohala’s girls, Gabrielle Bartolome and Chloe Mattison, played singles and the other six played doubles. The girls doubles teams were Kassie Kometani and myself, Isabel Steinhoff; Zoe Rudd and Mikaela Bartsch; Zaylee Apostadiro and Teshna Gilhus-Nekrash. The three boys singles players were Tiger Oakes, Jameson Keyes, and Timothy Pontius. The boys doubles teams were, Skyler Marcom-Robinson and Michael Bartolome; Chance Souze and Kyle Morin; Geronimo Boyle and Cougar Oakes.

For high school tennis, there isn’t Division I and Division II. Season games are are played west side versus west side and east side versus east side. How well the players perform during the season is how they are ranked, or commonly known as “seeded,” in the BIIF tournament. The tournament is based on a single-elimination bracket setup. Being a seeded team or player, puts you in a better position to go to states and make it to finals. There are only 8 seeded positions for both boys and girls singles and doubles. Majority of the time the top 8 “seeders” are the top players on the island.

This year, freshman, Jameson Keyes, was seeded 6th for boys singles; sophomore, Gabrielle Bartolome, was seeded 4th for girls singles; and junior, Skyler Marcom-Robinson and sophomore, Michael Bartolome, was seeded 4th for boys doubles.

On Thursday, all Kohala players got to play at least one match and everyone won at least one match! For unseeded players, they played two matches (if they won their first match) and for the seeded players, their first match was a “bye,” so they only had to play one match that day. In order to move on to Friday they would have to win all their matches on Thursday.

The Kohala players that made it to the second day of the BIIF tournament were, Jameson Keyes and Tiger Oakes for boys singles; Gabrielle Bartolome and Chloe Mattison for girls singles; Skyler Marcom-Robinson and Michael Bartolome for boys doubles; and Kassie Kometani and myself, Isabel Steinhoff, Zoe Rudd and Mikaela Bartsch for girls doubles.

Everyone that played on Friday needed to win their first match in order to make it to quarterfinals. For boys, if you make it to quarterfinals, you automatically qualify for states because the Big Island gets to take 8 singles players and 8 doubles teams. But for girls, the Big Island only gets to take 7 girls singles and 7 doubles. In order for girls to make it to states they need to win their quarterfinals match. If they don’t they get two more chances to make it to states in the consolation round.

The players that made it to states are Jameson Keyes, Skyler Marcom-Robinson and Michael Bartolome, and Gabrielle Bartolome. Kassie Kometani and myself, Isabel Steinhoff are playing in the consolation round on Saturday, April 19. Skyler and Michael lost their quarterfinal match against Waiakea’s Daniel Matsuura and Michael Kawachicka, 6-7, 5-7. Jameson won his quarterfinals match against Keanu Travalino from Kealakehe, who was seeded 3rd. He won his first set, lost his second, and won the super tie-breaker 11-9. Gabrielle also won her quarterfinals match against Fiona Miranda from Kealakehe, 6-0, 6-0. Kassie Kometani and myself, Isabel Steinhoff, lost our match against the 2nd seed, Kealakehe’s Mai Kobayashi and April Wong in the quarterfinals.

Saturday, April 19, Jameson and Gabrielle are set to play in the semifinals, and Kassie and myself are set to play another team that lost in the quarterfinals.

Congratulations to all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who played in the BIIF tournament! You all did awesome!