Color Run Comes To Kona!

Color Run Comes To Kona!

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Have you heard of the world famous Color Run? If you haven’t, it’s basically an event where people run an un-timed 5k (about 3 miles) route through four different colors (powdery-like substance) finishing off with a “finishing festival” for all the participants. The “Happiest 5K on the Planet”  started back in January 2012. It was created as a way “to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together.” Ever since it started back in 2012, it has only gotten more and more popular as well as growing outside the United States. It has hosted more than 170 runs in over 30 countries all over the world! This September it has finally made its way to Kona!

Ever since the Color Run announced that it’s finally making it’s way to the islands, it has been the talk of the town. Many people from all over the island have already decided to participate and many of them are participating in teams. The reason behind the teams are to receive a group discount. It also depends on when participants sign up because as the date of the run comes closer, the prices for both team and individual runners increases.

The Kona run is planned for September 13, 2014. The run is going to be held on Kuakini Highway starting around the Old Airport area. There will be a turn around near Alii Drive and then the runners will head back towards the starting line. The run will begin at 8 am and after a pre-race party with music, dancing, stretching, and giveaways! All runners will begin the race wearing white and finish covered in COLOR! Don’t be discouraged if you heard the “run”  in Color Run, because you don’t necessarily have to run. You could walk if you want to! Don’t forget it’s un-timed! It’s all about having fun while staying and being active!  

This year the Color Run is hosting its new “2014 Kaleidoscope Tour” and it will only last for a year. With this new tour, the Color Run is bringing more happiness and more entertainment! Every color runner that registers will receive a special “goodie bag” including things like a custom t-shirt, tricolor headband, amazing shoulder sling bag, tattoos, and more!

Doesn’t it sound like tons of fun? Although the date may seem far away, you might want to think about signing up soon before the prices get too high! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the most talked about event of the year, would you?

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