16 Year Old Wheels to Mau’i From San Jose!

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Sunday, April 20, 2014 – A 16-year-old hopped the fence at San Jose International Airport after an argument with his family and squeezed into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight bound for Maui, where he awoke confused but unharmed about five hours later.

The teen stowaway survived freezing temperatures at less than -80 degrees! Research has shown that this is nearly impossible. Imagine being in a wheel well 38,000 feet “above the clouds,” with no oxygen or food! Reports have given little insight toward why the teen did what he did. It would take a lot of on-spot thinking to do something like that.

Security footage from San Jose International Airport indicated that the teen was able to breach security and climb the fence to make way into the wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines flight boarded to Maui.

Since 1947, 105 people have tried this same stunt. However 80 of those 105 people died. With a 24% survival rate how exactly did this 16-year-old live? The need for oxygen decreases as one’s metabolism drops and the heartbeat can drop as low as 20 beats per minute. There are also short term side affects such has: severe hypothermia and frostbite along with long term side affects such as: brain damage and kidney failure.

This unidentified teenage boy is beyond lucky to be alive.