Ka Hana Noʻeau Annual Hōʻike

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

This year marks the ninth year that the community mentorship program Ka Hana Noʻeau has been in service to Kohala. It also is the year that the third grant that has been provided will end. Since Ka Hana Noʻeau is a non-profit organization, the grants are extremely important to the presence of this program. Being unsure if they will receive yet another three-year grant, this year’s hōʻike is a bit more meaningful and special to both directors and mentees alike.

After each year that the program has ended, Ka Hana Noʻeau hosts a hōʻike (show). The hōʻike is currently being planned by a small group of the mentees. So far, the date has already been set to be on May 14th, 2014. The time is yet to be determined but will most likely be around 6 P.M. Each mentorship program sets up their booth to be displayed for everyone to see what they do and what they have accomplished together over the year.

Community members are invited, so the number of attendees is a rough estimate. There will be food being served, the menu yet to be determined. This hōʻike is a time where community members, directors, mentors, and mentees can all come together to recognize the program and its different aspects. It also helps those around the community to better be exposed to the program, understand its purpose, and see what happens in the different mentorships. If Ka Hana Noʻeau is granted another three years for their program, this year’s hōʻike can even serve as a publication for new members to join over the next three years.

Mark your calendar and come out to enjoy the 2014 hōʻike for Ka Hana Noʻeau!