Kometani and Steinhoff Get Last Spot at States

Kassie Kometani, Editor

Scheduled to play against Iolani at 4:30 at Punahou, Kohala’s doubles duo Kassie Kometani and Isabel Steinhoff flew to Oahu yesterday and prepared themselves for a tough match. Iolani finished eighth at the ILH Tennis Championships while Kometani and Steinhoff finished eighth at the BIIF Tennis Championships. ILH and BIIF usually send seven pairs of girls doubles to the state tournament but this year was an exception. Last week Maui held their MIL Tennis Championships but when the ordeal was over, they only had four girls doubles lined up to go to states instead of their allotted five pairs. This meant there was an open spot for the state tournament. The BIIF division and the ILH division were selected to compete for that last spot. Iolani and Kohala finished eighth at their division championships which meant they were eligible for the spot. Or so everyone thought.

Iolani’s girls doubles are fantastic players, and Kometani and Steinhoff were going to have to fight hard for the state spot. But upon landing on the tarmac at the Honolulu Airport, Kohala tennis coach Hermann Fernandez received a call from the head athletic director. Coach Hermann learned that ILH had messed up their numbers which had to do with the amount of players they are allowed to send to states. Although Iolani had finished eighth, it was discovered that day that they were not eligible to compete for the last state spot. This meant that Kohala automatically received that last girl’s doubles spot at the state tournament. It seemed surreal, almost like a joke!

Although they literally flew to Oahu for no reason, Kometani and Steinhoff were overjoyed at the news. They are now looking forward to the state tournament on Maui next week. MIL is hosting this year’s state tournament at the Wailea Tennis Club and Makena Tennis Club from May 1st through May 4th.