Hawaii Meth Project presentation shocks students


Daryl Diaz

Guest speaker Jennifer Phakoom, a representative from the “Hawaii Meth Project,” attended Kohala High’s School Wide Bonding on September 7, 2011, to educate the students about the drug crystal methamphetamine or more commonly know as meth or ice. From how meth is made, to being sold, to being used; the information had an impact on the student’s view about the drug.

Ciera Lucas, a senior at the school, told us about what she finds the most shocking from the presentation, “It’s surprising that people can be addicted to meth after 7 seconds of trying it.” She continued by stating, “I didn’t know ice makes people crazy to the point that they’d kill innocent people. For example, when that addict threw his neighbor’s 2 year old baby over the bridge or when another addict stabbed an eighth grader for his iPod.”

Sophomore Selina Keawekane, feels the same way. She also finds other facts about meth surprising. “It’s unbelievable that Hawaii is ranked #1 for meth use in the work place and that, out of the whole nation, Hawaii is the ranked #2 in use of meth.”

Both students want to tell, not just peers, but everyone to be careful and smart about decisions. Just like on their bracelet that they received from Hawaii Meth Project, they say, “Not even once.”