Seniors Counting Down

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Time has become short for the senior class of 2014. Although school ending and graduation is right around the corner, there are still things left to be done. With less than one month left, the seniors still have to keep on top of things. It’s officially May; now is not the time for slacking or falling behind in work.

Besides keeping on top of school work, the seniors still have to plan and look forward to their senior banquet and commencement ceremony. The senior banquet is scheduled to be on May 21, four days before their commencement ceremony.  Both events are being planned by a small group of seniors which adds on to the load of things that are on the “To Do” list of some of the students. The students have only had one meeting thus far, so much has yet to be done!

Senior Chelsea Ventura said, “I’m scared about graduation being less than a month away. To be honest, I have mixed feeling about it all.”

Most of the seniors have the same feelings as Chelsea Ventura, while others are ready and excited for it all to be over. Those both scared and excited are just counting down the days left until its their turn to finally “walk down the line.”