Lawsuit Filed Against UH Hilo

Shawn Estabilio, Journalist

Students have filed a law suit against the University of Hilo for not allowing them to hand out copies of the Constitution on campus.

Students were promoting their clubs at the Campus Center Plaza in order to attract new members. The campus center plaza is a fairly small area, so in order to avoid a clutter of club promoters and students, club promoters are told to  not interfere with students and are not allowed to stand up and hand out fliers because it interferes with students who want nothing to do with any of it. Club Promoters must stay in a designated area in order to allow students to go to class unhindered. While they pass out fliers, clubs are allowed to put whatever they want on them.

The students filing the lawsuit against the University of Hilo broke the rules by moving into the crowd of people and making it difficult for them to get to class. Administrators therefore forced those students to stop handing out their fliers.

The fliers that the students were distributing had information on their organization, the UH Hilo chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), with a copy of the constitution on the back.

The students argue that by forcing them to stop passing out the fliers the university is violating their first amendment rights. The University merely told them to stop passing out fliers because they broke the rule by walking into the crowd and annoying students and keeping them from going to class.