Students Prepare for Court.

Josiah Adams, Reporter

In preparation for an upcoming field-trip to a Supreme Court session at Kealakehe, Kohala High School students have met with an attorney.  In these meetings, students went over basic courtroom etiquette, agenda, and case history.  The Supreme Court of Hawaii doesn’t travel to the Big Island very often, as the majority of its sessions are held in Oahu.  It is even a rarity to the attorney who came to educate the students.

To accommodate over 600 students, the session will be held in the Kealakehe gym.  It is expected to have an hour and a half duration, and will start promptly at nine o’clock.  Failing to respect the court could lead to students being excused from the session, and or convicted for contempt of court.  This is an actual session, so the situation is quite serious.

The case which is being handled revolves around a former property owner suing the County of Hawaii.  This former property owner sold his land for upwards of $700,000 after the county said that he couldn’t subdivide the property into 7 lots.   However, the person who bought the land from him resold it for over a million dollars after dividing it into 6 lots.  The verdict of the case will likely be announced to the students during the 2014-15 school year.