Uh Manoa To Start Growing Hemp

Shawn Estabilio, Journalist

This year, the Agricultural Act, a.k.a. the “Farm Bill’, was approved by the United States Senate. The Agriculture Act will allow the growth of hemp for research purposes. This essentially means any university can grow industrial hemp without needing to obtain a Drug Enforcement Agency permit.

With the approval of the Agriculture Act, Governor Neil Abercrombie will sign SB2175 into law on Wednesday. The bill will allow the University of Hawaii at Manoa to establish a 2 year industrial hemp remediation and bio fuel research program.

Hawaii Representative Cynthia Thielen had this to say: “Hempcrete, a hemp and lime composite, is termite proof, making it an excellent choice for the construction industry. There is a huge global market for hemp and the U.S. is the largest consumer at nearly $500 million per year. The passage of SB2175 is the first step for Hawaii to become a national and global player in the hemp market. We could profit hugely off this environmentally friendly crop.”