Are Surfers Bad Or Good?

Kaimipono Solomon-Lewis, Reporter

What are your perspective amongst surfers? Does surfing turn you into a bad person? Maybe for most, surfing can turn you into a party animal, it can get you into drugs, it can almost be considered as a gateway drug. Just look at most of our professional surfers today. They all party hard, do drugs, and live to surf. Now who wouldn’t want a life like that? I know I would. Then there are many good professional surfers that have a family works hard, drug free, and surf because of the love for the sport.

Surfing can make you selfish, it will kill you day by day to get in the water and get barreled over and over again until you have had enough for the day. All you’ll think about is surfing because you fall in love with the ocean in the form of a wave. Like falling in love with a girl, boy, basketball, volleyball, baseball, ping pong, it all becomes an addiction that you must do to feel satisfied.

Surfing is not bad. It’s the people around surfing and how surfing and surfers are viewed. When you become a surfer you begin to see things differently and the reason why I’m writing this is because I’m a surfer as well and people tell me everyday how all I do is go surfing, that surfing is not going to get me anywhere in life. Now all my brother does is hunt, I do not see anyone saying anything bad about him and how he hunts everyday.

Anything you do, no matter what you do, will always gain you a skill. Surfing can help your communication skills, you meet people from all over the world, you gain respect, you see how are beaches need cleaning, you learn how to use technology, you can learn a lot from becoming and being a surfer. I’m a surfer and I’m doing fine surfing everyday of my life. It keeps me busy, a sort of therapy, and I can continue my dreams in film production and photography. So before you can judge a surfer or surfing you need to see the good from the bad.