Camp Lokahi Teen Camp!


Summer 2013 Top: Camp Lokahi video/film track group Bottom: Teen Camp film cast

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

When you think back on summers, what do you remember? How about the summer camps? I know I do!

This coming June, Island Breeze Ministries Makapala will be hosting their annual “Teen Camp.”  Camp Lokahi started back in 2006 at the Makapala Christian Retreat Center in Niuliʻi, North Kohala. The idea behind Camp Lokahi originated from “Eagle’s Nest Ranch” in Alberta, Canada.

Camp Lokahi’s mission is to “unite Hawaiʻi’s youth.” Since its first camp, it has reached out to more kids from all over the island. Camp Lokahi is a Christian-based camp for kids ages 9-12. (You do not have to be a Christian to attend) The kids who attended camp would love it so much that they would keep coming back! As the kids got older, the amount of camps they could attend got smaller.

To keep the hype from Camp Lokahi, they decided to create a teen camp for teens 13-17. This Teen Camp is designed around Camp Lokahi but with a little more maturity and laid-back feel. At this camp teens are kept busy for 4 days and 3 nights with a wide range of activities, from airsoft to “bash” (relay games) to chapel time and much more, not to mention the ono meals cooked by the local kitchen staff!

This summer it will be the Teen Camp’s 3rd year. At these camps, the staff like to have a theme for each night with Camp Lokahi, and a theme for the week with the Teen Camp. The kids attending Camp Lokahi are notified about the three themes so that they can be prepared for their dress-up theme nights, but for the Teen Camp, they won’t know until the day they arrive. Don’t worry, the suspense will build and create an even better experience!

For all the parents that want to get rid of their kids this summer, Camp Lokahi will be June 2nd-5th and the Teen Camp will be June 8th-11th. To register or to find out more information call (808)889-5082 or email