Senior Ditch Day?

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Friday, May, 2, 2014 – With the weekend literally a day away students can feel the weekend coming on. They can’t wait to get out of school, especially the Senior class of 2014!  No seniors were to be found in school today with the exception of a few. Inside information has been given that the class of 2014 planned a ditch day to Hapuna Beach! Friends, sun, AND fun of course!

“Senior Ditch Day” is what you could call some kind of tradition, where exactly as it sounds – Seniors ditch a day of school to go bond with their class and have some fun.

The seniors have a little less than 20 days of school left now, which makes graduation on May 24th. Feel the excitement and nerves because SENIORS, IT’S GETTING CLOSE!

Keep calm Class of 2014 and take every moment as it comes. Cherish the memories. You’re only in high school once!