Kohala High School May Day 2014!

Kohala High School May Day 2014!

Chezarae Fernandez

2014 May Day Princesses

Mohala Kaholoaa-Kumukoa, Reporter

May Day is lei day for Kohala High School; this happen on May 1, 2014. We had a performance in the afternoon @ 1:00 and in the evening @ 6:30. The performance in the afternoon was during 7th period because Ms. White said we should show the staff, teachers, and students all of our hard work because some of them can’t make it to the night time performance. So Ms. White made it happen because years before we wouldn’t be able to watch the whole performance, only half of it. So I’m glad we got a whole 77 mins. to do it.

At the night performance it’s about two hours because we have the community come and show us their talents. We had princess and queen dance, king and princes dance, waltz, couple dances, kingʻs solo, and queenʻs solo. This is what the court did for May Day. Also for myself I did a hula with the queen because I want to do one more great thing with my best friend and cousin, before we graduate. The other performance we had little ones do a hula, Tihati did a dance, and Kupuna did two hula.