Tap Dancers Performing Soon

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

In the beginning of the school year, Katie Lambeth, a teacher for Teach For America, gave students the opportunity to have extracurricular dance classes. Ms. Lambeth has a wide variety of dance background such as jazz, hip hop, ballet, and more. This year, jazz, hip hop, and tap dance courses were highly favored. However, hip hop and jazz came to an end with a lack of attendance/commitment. Tap is still up and running, and is now preparing for their performance.

Members in tap this year are teacher Ms. Jessica Brown and students Chelsea Ventura and Kauanoe Gusman. They are scheduled to perform in front of the school at the last assembly on May 16, 2014. They have been working and preparing their dance for months now, and are excited yet nervous to show off the talent that not much people are exposed to. The group will be the last to perform during the assembly. They wanted to be first so that they could just get it over with. Now their nerves will be going crazy and they will be anxious throughout.

The group also hopes to promote dance to the rest of their fellow schoolmates. With Chelsea and Kauanoe being seniors, Ms. Lambeth needs more dedicated and enthusiastic students to teach to next year. Like mentioned earlier, Ms. Lambeth has a variety of background. Dance wouldn’t be limited to tap, giving students the opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge on dancing. It also gives student’s time to bond and develop relationships with others. Being a small town, it’s good to get to know familiar faces.

Be ready for the performance, and don’t hesitate to be a dancer for next year!