Follow Me On Instagram

Kaimi Solomon-Lewis, Reporter

Follow me!! My username Kaimi_lewis, and if you don’t have a Instagram I suggest you make one now and follow many other photographers and see the amazing adventures people go on. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram is a  social media network. It allows you to take photos with your phone or any electronic device, choose a filter that enhances your photo, make it look old, or make it look cool. Instagram is a free application that is available on iTunes, Google play, and the app store.

You can pretty much use Instagram for anything: you can send Instagram Messages, you can upload your photographs, follow a thousand or more people and see the world through an app, anything you want. But I suggest that you do want to keep your photos private if your not ok with random people liking or looking at your photos, and  with creating your account you can simply put your photos on private, so only your followers can see your posts. It’s your Instagram. I can’t tell you what not to post; post things that are interesting to you. You can post anything, and don’t worry, you’ll probably get fired up once you get a few followers and will only want more.

I use Instagram to update kids in Kohala about the surf. I also use it for people to see my photography work, and help expose young bodyboarders. Is it affective? Yes it is very affective. Joey Salvador is now known around the world for his bodyboarding skills. Jacob Romero posted Joeys’s picture on his Instagram and he’s one of the best bodyboarders in the world.

So tell me that Instagram isn’t cool; now go make one!