KPG 2014 On Its Way

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

From the beginning of the school year, Kohala Project Grad has been planning and fundraising. Parents and students alike have put in lots of time, energy, and hard work into making this night the best that it can be. With the goal surpassed by a milestone, Grad Night should be better than expected. This year’s Project Grad had a goal to fundraise around $16,000, but was able to make around $25,000 instead.

With more money, this means that the students will be able to get more prizes or have more activities to do throughout the night. Since it is an “all-nighter,” students will constantly be doing something. There are all kinds of plans on the agenda like laser tag, hypnotizing, mechanical bull, minute to win it, and much more! This year’s Project Grad is looking to be great and many of the student’s are excited.

Even with the excitement, there still is a hint of sadness. Although the purpose of Project Grad is to keep the students safe for a night, many students view it as the last time the class is – for the most part – all together to bond with one another. The reality will sink in for many and become a bittersweet night. Despite this fact, everyone plans to make the best of KPG 2014 and enjoy the time set aside for them.