Same Sex Marriage in the South?

Josiah Adams, reporter

Little Rock, Arkansas.  Many remember this city as where the “Little Rock Nine” took a stand against “separate but equal schools” in the South.  Now, same sex marriage supporters will be pleased to know that the court system suspended an  amendment which banned same sex marriage.  Meaning Arkansas is a leading southern state in the support of same sex marriage.  A shift that many were not expecting.

Upon hearing the news, many homosexual couples flocked to Arkansas in order to receive a license and get married, some waiting in line since 2:30 am on Saturday.  Office clerks have confirmed that they resumed issuing licenses to only heterosexual couples on Monday.  Many are hopeful that the same-sex marriage ban will be scrapped altogether.  However, some aren’t happy with the idea.

Many supporters of procreational marriage are quick to denounce the concept of same sex marriage.  “Marriage is between a male and female. … These are the words of the almighty God. Woe unto you, said the Lord,” Larry O. Walker shouted outside the courthouse 75 minutes before the first license was issued.

Could Arkansas lead southern states in legalizing same sex marriage?