Harvard’s Satanic Black Mass Canceled Amidst Community Outrage.

Harvard's Satanic Black Mass Canceled Amidst Community Outrage.

Harvard University Crest

Josiah Adams, reporter

In recent days, Harvard has come under fire after a student club organized a Satanic Black Mass that was to be conducted at the Ivy league school.  A “Satanic Black Mass” or simply “Black Mass”, is a satanic ritual which is meant to mock the Catholic Church.  Harvard announced that the black mass was for educational purposes, and was to be held in a bar. Co-organized by the NY Satanic Temple, and the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club, the planned event outraged thousands of people in the community.  A group of students went as far as to create a petition that gained over 50,000 signatures in opposition to the event.

Amidst the uproar, the event was cancelled, and will be conducted at a different venue.  Originally, despite its Christian origins, Harvard allowed the event to proceed as they believed that it would be a violation of the freedom of expression to do otherwise.  None the less, Catholics in the area were outraged as the black mass calls for the desecration of Catholic sacraments.  This prompted Catholics to gather in prayer and ridicule the mass.  Saying that its “Far from being an event that promotes an understanding of ‘cultural practices;’ it, in fact, promotes contempt for the Catholic faith and religion generally.”  Along with phrases such as “I bet you wouldn’t disrespect the Islamic Koran.”

This isn’t the first time that the NY Satanic Temple has caused controversy. The group has actually pressured the state of Oklahoma to erect a statue of the Baphomet, as a way to petition the 10 commandments monument outside the Oklahoma state house.  The same monument which the ACLU has sued Oklahoma over.

    Harvard President Faust gave the following statement to clarify the university’s position.

“Nevertheless, consistent with the university’s commitment to free expression, including expression that may deeply offend us, the decision to proceed is and will remain theirs,” Faust said. “At the same time, we will vigorously protect the right of others to respond — and to address offensive expression with expression of their own.”