May: The Month of AP Tests

Kassie Kometani, Editor

The end of the school year brings an abundance of end of course exams. For some juniors and seniors, this means they have to take their AP exams.  There is only one AP class offered at Kohala High School. That is the AP English Language and Composition class taught by Ms. Fern White. If students want to pursue other AP courses, they must take them online. This year there were three AP classes that students took online: AP Environmental Science, AP U.S. Government, and AP U.S. History. Certain AP classes require you to take the exam to pass the class while for others it is optional. For example, AP Environmental Science students could opt out of taking the test while AP English students needed to take the exam to receive a credit for the course.

The first AP exam of the month was held on May 5th for AP Environmental Science. May 9th was the AP English Language and Composition test. The AP U.S. Governement and AP U.S. History exams were taken on May 13th and May 14th, respectively. Testing was administered by Kohala High School’s counselor Ms. Melody Nietfeld. For some students, this was an extremely busy time of the year as they were enrolled in more than one AP class and had to take two exams.

The point of AP exams is to try and earn a score high enough to earn a college credit. That way, a student will not have to pay for that course in college. AP exams are graded on a scale from 0-5. 5 is an extremely good score and will almost guarantee a college credit. Some colleges will accept a score of 3 or 4 to earn a credit while barely any will accept a 2 or lower. Like the SAT, AP exams are administered through College Board.

AP students have worked hard throughout the year and are anxiously awaiting for their scores to be released in July.