High School Athletics vs College Athletics

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Chances are you played a youth sport as a kid; the odds are undeniably in favor of that. Many American kids will probably play an organized sport during their childhood and a small percentage of them will go on to play in high school. Those who played in high school will have an even smaller percentage of moving on to collegiate sports.

You obviously need credentials and passes to cover college athletics while you could get away without that stuff at a lot of high school events. You can pretty much go where you please and do what you want at high school events. Speaking from personal experience, high school athletics aren’t as serious. I have little knowledge to how college sports work, but I’m guessing they take it to a whole new level.

Collegiate sports vary in ethnicities and athleticism. Similar to high school. However, in college they take sports to an extreme. Sports are literally LIFE in college! Practice and training are taken seriously. Not saying that in high school it’s not but c’mon! Look at the effort and determination put into college athletics. Every single person on a college sports team is there to win. They’re there to play for the love of the game.

Rather in high school sports are taken lightly by students. Leeway is more toward high schoolers. If you’re planning to play at a collegiate level you better start stepping your game up!