Girls Volleyball Summer Conditioning

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Girls volleyball coaches, Malia and Duane Kaitoku, are getting pumped for next school year’s volleyball season. They are so excited that they have started sign ups for tryouts and summer conditioning! Because of how much potential the girls volleyball season had this past year, they wanted to make sure that they were ready for this coming fall season. The summer conditioning schedule is:

Monday – Thursdays

 June 2, 2014 – July 31st, 2014

from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at the school gym

*NO CONDITONING June 19 & July 4

Don’t forget to bring water! They are encouraging any and all girls who have an interest in playing volleyball to come out. Last week they had a short meeting during brunch recess on Wednesday to talk about the summer conditioning schedule. They also visited the middle school as well to get the upcoming freshmen to come out. They got about 30 girls all together signed up and hope they’ll make it!

Last season, it was unfortunate that the team lost 6 of their players because they were seniors. With this much time in advance, they hope to get the rest of the team and the new players comfortable with each other. Coach Malia and Coach Duane are also hoping that they will be able and ready to enter in the pre-season tournament at Waiakea this fall.

If you or anyone you know are interested in playing volleyball, please come out to summer conditioning! It will help when tryouts come around at the beginning of the season.