Hurricane Iselle Punches Puna

Maya Anderson, Reporter

Many students in Kohala do not know how much damage Hurricane Iselle did to the eastern side of the Big Island. The hurricane affected many lives in East Hawaii. Houses were swept away from the flooding and falling trees injured several people. The wind and rain knocked down trees that blocked roads and fell on houses and 23,000 people were left without power; many are still without power today. HELCO officials say “Customers who are still without power at this time should expect an extended outage into next week and, in some cases, much longer.”

Ice and water distribution centers were set up at Pahoa High School and Mountain View gyms to help the residents. Thirty thousand pounds of ice was flown into the Puna area and distributed. The American Red Cross is also helping by giving foods and a 24-hour shelter. Residents all around the Big Island help cut and move fallen trees to clear roads.

My aunty and uncle live in Puna, and many trees blocked the roads to get out. They are the only ones with a chainsaw in their neighborhood, so it’s taking a long time to cut all of the trees. My Aunty Carol said “The community is coming together beautifully, and everyone is sharing the aloha spirit.” There is a lot of work to be done but with this amount of help, Puna should be able to recover in the near future.