Is the Board of Education getting too powerful?

Timothy Pontius, Reporter

Should the Board of Education be able to apply there one size fits all test method to everyone in high school? I don’t think so.

The Board of Education has a monopoly on all the major pre-college tests.  At the end of high school one of the major evaluations that determines, in part, what the rest of a student’s academic life will be like are the SAT’s and ACT’s.  If a student achieves a high score on their SAT’s or ACT’s they are likely to get scholarships to schools that that student may not have otherwise been able to afford.  Since these tests are so important for students, teachers end up being forced to “teach to the test” as some teachers have called it.  Even if the material is irrelevant or ill suited for the class, it is the teacher’s responsibly to prepare his or her students for the tests.

As a senior in AP English, I am faced with this dilemma almost daily.  It’s my opinion that students learn best when the teachers has a genuine interest in the subject matter.  When teachers have to teach things they don’t like, the whole system suffers.

I believe teachers should have the right to decide what they want to teach.  Having standardized tests carrying such weight destroys this ability.  I think to solve this problem, colleges need to pay more attention to teacher recommendations and the grades students received in class.