It’s cool to go beyond school!

Tanya Adams, Recorder

Challenge yourself this year!  A handful of students find school “boring;” it may or may not be true… but, the solution to having a better school year is to participate in extra circular activities! Take pride in yourself and your school because everyone you know that goes to Kohala High has a talent.  Sports and clubs value talent.  Go beyond the boundaries of school and show your talent.

Kohala High offers many clubs and sports.  The school wants you to Rise to the Challenge! Our high school offers sports for us because physical activity is very important in a growing teen;s life and they want us to achieve in many things.  Kohala offers clubs because they want to increase the levels of creativity and academics.  Take a step up, give this school all you’ve got! “If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.” –John Barrow.