Why should we have PTP?

Amber Malasig, Reporter

PTP is Personal Transition Plan. Why should we have PTP when we don’t do anything. To be honest, having PTP is just a waste of students’ time. You say that PTP is suppose to help us by preparing us for college, but it doesn’t. It just makes more stress. You make like all of the students are going to go college, but most of them are not going. Yes, we should learn about college, but we shouldn’t only be learning about college. We should be learning how to do bills, taxes, and how to buy a house. You teachers say that in order for us to graduate we need to finish our PTP binders, but how are we suppose to do that if they don’t give us our binders or help us. Probably the only time I can remember actually working on my PTP binder was when I was a freshman; other than that I haven’t seen my binder at all. So I think PTP is pointless and is just wasting my time in school. We should just not have PTP anymore.