Class of 2018 joins Kohala High Ohana

Marvelanne Clark, Reporter

Freshmen class of 2018 are filled with excitement as they walk through the halls of the Home of the Cowboys. The freshmen are now able to have the opportunuties to be a part of a team, club, sport, and other school related activities that they didn’t have before. They walk from class to class with new and old friends, sharing stories and adventures they had the day before.

One freshmen stated “Brah, high school is the best; see those people (as he points as a group of kids) they’re my friends.” Another freshmen told me, “High school is so chill, even the teachers are chill, but the homework is not chill. But yah I like high school.” It has nay been a few weeks in for this high school year and freshmen are already ready for this high school year as 9th graders.