Kohala High’s Morning Bulletin?


Last year’s team of “Sean and Jayden in the Morning” prepped early for the morning bulletin’s live broadcast.

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

Every morning at Kohala High School, the Morning Bulletin is announced. The monitors flicker on and every classroom on campus grows silent, while a group of students sitting in front of a green screen begin to speak, informing the school about recent events and student fees or obligations.

Every week, students from Arts and Communication switch out to be announcers on KHMB Live, reading from a collection of announcements written by teachers, staff, or the students themselves.

Before the first bell rings, students from Mrs. Pasco’s Arts and Communication elective meet in Mr. Hashimoto’s office to prepare for the Bulletin, turning on cameras and lights, preparing equipment, and finalizing the script for announcers to read.

One student believes that the morning bulletin is a good introduction into media and communication.

“The morning bulletin is fun because we get to learn about media and media is a pretty fun and exciting thing to learn”, says Nicole Castillo, an announcer for the daily bulletin.

Many students, and even teachers disagree with the showing of a morning bulletin, claiming it to be a “waste of time” or “too boring to pay attention to.”

Some people don’t even listen to the morning bulletin, preferring to use the time at the beginning of first period to finish doing work or talk to friends. Instead of getting news from the bulletin, they find out the information needed themselves, by asking teacher and peers, or even getting a copy of the bulletin to read themselves.

“I don’t even pay attention to the bulletin, its just there”, one student said.