Kohala Students Participate in Okinawan Festival

Nicole Castillo, reporter

Every year Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (RMD) participats in the annual Okinawan Festival. This festival consists of things from Okinawan food to Okinawan Entertainment. This year four Kohala High School students are going to participate in this year’s Okinawan Festival – Syncier Rabang, Maylin Anjo, Kaid Nickl, and Nicole Castillo.

They are all going to be doing four songs at the Okinawan festival with the rest of their RMD Hawaii group. They will be doing Mirukumunari,Sanshin no Hana, and two new songs which are Uruma Melody and Awase.

This is going to be the 32nd annual Okianwan Festival and the whole RMD group is very excited to perform. One RMD member says “I can’t wait to perform and see the rest of the taiko members from around the island!!!”

RMD is very excited for the upcoming performance in Oahu at the 32nd  Okinawan Festival.