Are smartphones tools of learning or distractions?

Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero, Reporter

Smartphone’s makes learning easier, but are students taking advantage? More than half of students own a smartphone. Teachers allow students to have their phones in school, just not allowed to be on them unless given permission to use it as a learning tool. With the exception of phones allowed in school students tend to use them to check social media or even just to go on to play games. This could be a big distraction from students learning.

In the estimate of about 60% of students can’t get through the day without checking their phones or even being on them. The question I asked others was, Should smartphones be allowed in school?

Gerald Yamasaki, a parent of two high school students, replied, “No, because not everyone owns a cellphones.”

Junior Kiana Alejandro-Cazimero responded, “I think we should, because it would be helpful to look up pictures and words for a class, but no matter what they try to do to prevent us from using it people are still going to have it out.”

Sophomore Gabriella Boyle said, “Yes, as long as people aren’t using them to video tape fights and abusing them during class.”

Most of the student’s would agree to allow them in school, but besides that, are these students responsible enough to follow the school policies of electronics?