Tanya Adams, Reporter

Testing is a very touchy subject. Majority of the time teachers are preparing their students for testing, not real life scenarios that’ll happen after high school/ college.  Josiah Adams a senior attending Kohala high school says, “Testing is a valuable tool, but sometimes it feels like we’re being taught to simply pass the test and not retain the knowledge.”  This statement should be taken seriously.  Teachers should be able to expand their students knowledge; not to limit students to certain questions on a test.

According to Ella Boyle, a Sophomore at Kohala high school, “Testing is a good way  to help find our understanding on what we are learning.” Also important, teachers review students’ test scores and teach students how to answer questions they didn’t succeed at the first time, but still the students’ learning rights are being limited!  Students should be able to learn something, not just about a problem that gets slightly more complicated each year.

Testing causes a lot of stress.  Testing occurs frequently throughout the school year.  If testing is stressing students out, how would the Board of Education know if that is their true intelligence, many students have great test score but there is a large handful of students who don’t test well, but know how to do the work.  Maylin Anjo, a Sophomore at Kohala High, said, “I think it’s good but irritating.  It’s good because it shows teachers where we are in our academics, but it’s irritating because sometimes there is too much test to handle and it gets stressing.” Many students say that testing is stressing due to the amount of test that get thrown at them.

Thomas Adams, who has been a parent of 4 high school students, replies with “We all need to be tested on what we learn about, but the things we learn about should not be geared just to past a test.”  Testing is highly important but it shouldn’t be limiting students education.