KHS Drama Club, KGM, putting on themed showcase


Daryl Diaz

Kohala High’s Performing Arts Club KGoodnightMoses (KGM) starts this school year off with lots of planning from enthusiastic students who love or have interest in performance. Last school year, students who had an interest in acting or singing, stepped up and brought back the performing arts club to the school, after years of not having one. The club meets at least twice a week, making videos, playing improv games, singing, and planning out public performances. They had their first public performance at Kohala High’s Class of 2011’s graduation, dancing as zombies in the end of Ms. Jessica Brown’s Speech, where she put together lyrics that related to the Class of 2011. This year, club members say they plan on and look forward to having more performances.

Kira Ledward, a senior student and also the Vice President of KGM, provides the history behind the club’s name, “In acting class, we have our daily warm up circle. One day, in the first quarter of last school year, we wanted to name our warm up circle. One person yelled, ‘K’, another yelled, ‘Goodnight’, and another yelled, ‘Moses.’  From there the group decided they wanted the club to be called Kgoodnightmoses. The “K” can also stand for Kohala.  Ledward humorously added, “It’s different and unique. Only drama kids come up with names like that!”

KGM is a performing arts club, so it’s not just acting. Other than memorizing scripts, monologues or dialogues in KGM meetings, they enjoy improv games, sing, and a little dancing as well. Carley Arraujo, a returning club member, tells more about what improv means in acting, “To improv is to act on the spot, without preparing before you do so.” She says it’s like that TV game show Who’s Line is it Anyway?  She continues talking about other performing arts within our club, “KGM consists of talents ranging from singing, to dancing, and to acting.  We currently don’t have many instrumental musicians, but we’d love to have some! Especially since we are planning on doing showcases this year.”

            KGM is currently working on a showcase that will consist of songs and scenes from animated Disney movies, such as Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, Tangled, Tarzan, and Little Mermaid. Ms. Jessica Brown, advisor of KGM, says, “We are so excited to be putting on a Disney Themed Showcase. We are packing in a lot of scenes and songs from our favorite Disney movies. We will perform pieces of our Disney showcase during lunch recess in classroom N-33, September 26 through September 29.The performance will start at 12:10pm sharp.” Brown added, “KGM has increased this year and the Disney showcase will be the first performance for many of the club members. I am so excited and looking forward to getting this performance under our belt. So if you are in the neighborhood, come out and support KGM.”

KGoodnightMoses is still accepting Kohala High students who are interested in joining. Meetings are held after school in Ms. Jessica Brown’s classroom (N-33) from 3pm-5pm.   Both Kira and Carley agree that KGM is not just a club, but a club where they strengthen their confidence in performing in front of people and a club where they feel comfortable in being showing their true self, which they feel is very important. Kira states, “I like that KGM is a judge-free zone and that everyone is friendly.”