Puna’s Continuing Problems

Maya Anderson, Reporter

First Puna was affected by Hurricane Iselle, now a Kiluea lava flow is heading toward a subdivision called Kaohe. The lava flow has already covered 8 miles and is less than a mile a away from hitting houses. The lava flow started at June 27th and will take about 5-7 days to enter Kaohe Homesteads. It has been advancing about 800 feet per day. The alert level has been changed from “watch” to “warning”. The lava flow coming from Kiluea volcano is moving very slowly in a east/northeast direction. The residents of Kahoe have many questions and concerns.

Kiluea volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983 with new vents opening often. Luckily the volcano that we live on, Kohala Mountain, is dormant. We also weren’t affected by Hurricane Iselle that hit Puna not so long ago. Hopefully Kohala will continue to be protected from natural disasters.