Dogs, Man’s Best Friend? Pit Bull, the Man’s Child!

Tanya Adams, Reporter

Pit Bulls! One of the most vicious dog breeds in the world, or so you thought.  Pit Bulls, the dog people misunderstand.  The Pit Bull was originally breed to bait bulls, hence the name Pit “Bulls.”  What people didn’t know, is that they are also known as a “nanny dog” due to how they react and protect children.  Wait… “How can this be?” Well, all animals have a motherly instinct to protect young  harmless creatures.  Don’t go putting a child next to some random Pit Bull just because it’s written now.  Pit Bulls must be trained REALLY well. Any dog must be; owners must not shut their dog out from the world!
While approaching a Pit Bull, be cautious.  Every living creature has some sort of past; hitting a trigger is probably the last thing someone would wish for.  Although they can be lovely dogs, they can still hurt a person, causing the dog to be put down.  No one can blame a dog if they’re defending themselves.  It’s like having a family; the children’s parents always want them to be safe. What if that Pit Bull had a litter of puppies hidden and they were merely protecting them.   An owner of a Pit Bull  should be aware of the dog’s behavior.
Every creature should have a chance; why not give the Pit Bull a chance? Any dog can attack and bite. It’s the owners decision to give the dog the life they deserve, or to let the dog down in ruins.  A dog is man’s best friend; the Pit Bull a man’s child.  The choice is up to the owner.