How Do You Feel About SSR?

Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero, reporter

Instead of coming to class and going straight into your Do Now, students of Kohala High come in grab their book and start reading for the first 20 minutes of class. Students complain about having to always read but it’s only for your own good. Teachers don’t just make us read so we can suffer; it’s because they care about our education and they want us to succeed and be a better person.

Reading everyday keeps our brains active and healthy. Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information that maybe one day could come in handy. Student’s don’t realize that without knowing how to read you can’t do anything. Reading is involved in anything you do while it be playing a sport you need to know how to read in order to know the signals or even applying for jobs, etc.

The question I asked some students was  what do you think of SSR Reading?   Kaila Tabiolo a freshman replied saying, “It’s okay, but I don’t like reading.” A sophomore Kiera Javillionar said, “It will help to advance our literary skills; reading is very important,” was her exact words. Kiana Alejandro-Cazimero, a junior responded, “Well for people who don’t or aren’t interested in reading would think it sucks, because it’s like a whole 20 minutes of reading, but if you think about it, it’ll only benefit us. So we can pick up new and better vocabulary and speed up our reading”.

I’m not much of a reader, but I know reading will only help me get better especially so my lexile level can reach my career level, but its pretty crazy how now we have reading logs! The last time I had a reading log was kindergarten days. I know reading will only benefit me and others so don’t forget to always read even if it’s just a status on facebook. Don’t stop reading!