School Wide Bonding

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

On September 8,2014 Kohala High School had a school wide bonding. At this bonding each class got to come up with a spirit yell, bonding games, scavenger hunts, & more. After lunch the whole gathered to see each classes spirit yell. In the end the placing are Juniors at 4th, Sophomores at 3rd, Freshman at 2nd, and Seniors at 1st place.

We ended the day with 2 water slides. One down the hill and one big slide on the field. Many students loved the big slide on the field but the slide down the hill was “sad”.

In the end Kohala High School students said that the bonding was “Okay” or “On a scale from one to ten I give it a 6.” They also hope that next year will be better.