What if Cars Disappeared?

Tanya Adams, Reporter

There are over 240 million cars in United States alone; that is a bunch!  Do you ever wonder, “What if we stopped driving?”  Would it help our society or would our society go crashing down?
During 2012 it has been recorded that 33 thousand lives are gone because of car crashes.  Thousands of lives could have been saved! Imagine if cars didn’t exist. It’s like people cheated death!
So much money is being put into automobiles, too!  Car payments, gas, maintenance adds up to $10,181 a year.  If you take the estimated amount and multiply it by the number of automobiles in the United States it equals about $244,344,000,000.  With all that money so much people could be rich!
Without cars, around 3.9 million people will lose their jobs, but, not for long.  Without cars, there would have to be public transportation.  Allowing people to get jobs to create new and improved ways of going somewhere.  A lot of maintenance will be needed if there are rail roads and bikes.
If people stopped driving our environment would be so much healthier.  Without all the roads and dug up land there would be more trees and plants.  The sky would be clear because pollution would somewhat be demolished!
It’s been noted that a lot of wars are caused because of oil.  The oil we use to power our cars!  Without cars there would be one less thing to fight about! Not saying that all wars will end though… just getting rid of one more useless thing to fight about.  Without cars we’d only fight for more important reasons!