United as One

Kiera Javillonar, Reporter

“My definition of a good team is everyone playing together as one, everybody in unison, and everybody respects each other,” says Malia Kaitoku, head coach of Kohala High School’s girls volleyball varsity team. The girls started off their season with five loses going against Konawaena, Waiakea, Kamehameha, Kealakehe, and Keaau and one win against Parker.

What are some key things you look for in your team? Coach Malia responds, “Leadership and attitude is a main thing; of course, academics and, just overall, having the desire in wanting to play and learn more about volleyball and girls that want to have fun and, you know, represent Kohala High School.”

The importance of being a part of a team is knowing that you can trust in the other five girls on the court, knowing that they’re going to mess up sometimes. “I think overall with us having returnees and new girls on one team and how much they play as one, you know, they help each other out and just how the girls bond together with new girls and returnees surprises me. They know how to come together as a team and they haven’t played together before; it’s a surprise to me on how well they do,” stated Kaitoku.

Having faith in the team, Kaitoku says, “I had four or five returnees; we know that the girls have potential to go far. We were excited for the team, you know, with 35 girls signing up we were ready for the season to start.”