Directive Study

Valerie Hageraats, Reporter

Almost every week, we go to advisory for directive study to read something. Apparently, Kohala High’s reading scores are too low and we don’t read enough, so to fix this we are told to read more. Every week we are supposed to bring a book to read for about an hour.

In my opinion, it doesn’t work, and no one actually reads things that they should be reading, and many people don’t read at all. In my experience, many people read magazines, newspapers, or borrow books from other people that they read a few pages of and never actually finish. Also, a lot of the time people only read books they are assigned to read for homework, or for school in general. Even if people read a few pages of an appropriate book for their grade level every week, this doesn’t make them that much better at reading, or answering reading questions. If you want people to read more, this is not the right way to do that. Most of the time, forcing people to read only discourages them more.