Technology is Taking Over Our Lives!

Nicole Castillo, reporter

In the last few years technology has been growing all over the world. From phones to computers to tablets. It’s like everywhere you go people are always on some type of technological device and probably, if they are in front of a phone screen or tablet screen, they are most likely to be on some type of social media. It can range from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Everywhere you go people are on some type of social media. I think that people are spending to much time on social media and technology in general.

It is sad to know that these days, instead of spending time with your friends and family and having a conversation, we’d rather put our faces into a phone and read a 140 character tweet. Many people would rather take a bunch of cute selfies to post on Instagram and see how much likes they can get rather than do their homework. I think in a few years people will never talk to each other and everything will be by text and we will no longer have books or teachers or textbooks. Everything will be on a computer.

So the question is… Is Technology changing the world for the good or for the bad???